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Fort Bonifacio High School
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Welcome to Fort Bonifacio High School

J.P. Rizal Extension, West Rembo

Makati City, Philippines



            The information revolution is affecting individuals as a society. There are radical changes due to development in information technology. Various changes fro teaching and learning, entertainment, working and various things that individuals do in daily lives relating to government and society entails options that should be considered and adapted.

            The emerging changes is now pressing teachers to use the computer technology into teaching tools to motivate and  captivate students leading them toward greater learning. The website was conceptualized to provide new other than traditional methods to provide input to students and show their achievements in greater community and aiming to train learners to invest more time in product development to come up in better quality of projects.

           This website project was desighned to receive constructive feedback from wider audience to help students and teachers develop projects of global  standards. the school website will also serve as actual hands on tool to train students in improving the school the school site to manifest and develop a collaborative among students and teachers and thus help enhance integration of  computer technology in the learnign process inside and outside the classroom.

     The site include links that give information about the school

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